Electrical Assessor/Liaison Officer

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Job description

Electrical Assessor/Liaison Officer required. MUST HAVE an electrical background.

The work of the client includes interviewing, assessing and selecting learners, matching them to appropriate employers who will provide training, work experience and employment opportunities. The client provides ongoing learner support at work and during off-the-job training by supporting and guiding the learner in developing a career by achieving industry recognised vocational excellence.

 Central to this work is a “live” Individual Learning Plan which is used to record all essential details collected through the Learner Review process. Monitoring progress and co-ordinating the inputs of the Learner, Tutor, Employer and Assessor/Liaison Officer are key in setting targets through agreed action planning to enable a successful completion within the timescales as set out in the ILP.



Plan the schedule of visits (assessment, or learner review) efficiently so that:

  • the office is aware of your plans
  • the employer and learner visits are as effective as possible
  • assessment plans and reviews are prepared and evidenced correctly
  • to ensure each Learner is visited at their place of work every two months for learner review to ensure each learner is visited at their place of work to match the milestones within the ILP and on the qualification tracking for on-site assessment

During the two monthly visit complete the Learner Review and carry out any necessary on-site assessment by capturing any naturally occurring evidence. If appropriate update, using the Individual Learning Plan and qualification tracking. Record all contact with the Learner (on-the-job, off-the-job).

Issue the Learner with an Action Plan at every learner review and after any on-site assessment is carried out. Ensure the Action Plan sets clear targets within a reasonable time scale and the target dates within it are monitored throughout. Copy the Action Plan to all necessary parties.

Ensure the Learner, Employer and Tutor have a copy of the completed Learner Review Form emailed to them. The revised/updated Individual Learning Plan must be explained to every learner and their employer, especially if any poor progress, or failure to meet milestones is evident.

Provide guidance and support on the management and content of the Learners’ Competence and Technical qualifications, Apprenticeship Standards and the expected Behaviours within these including any relevant Functional Skills.

Ensure the Learner has current details on, (including timescales for completion) and understands all relevant policies, procedures and the programme (framework, NVQ, Technical Certificates, Standards and Functional Skills).

To assess learners against vocational qualification standards and functional skills and against their progression through an individual learning plan.

To continuously monitor work placements against set Health & Safety and vocational standards and to support and encourage good employment practice amongst all employers.

To carry out risk assessments of learners and ensure that placements have appropriate and current Health & Safety assessments and registrations.

Liaise regularly with programme tutor to ensure that assessments meet both the needs of the awarding organisation and the learner.

Work with the tutor to provide support to those learners at risk of leaving the programme early with a view to maintaining the learner in training to ensure completion of their Individual Learning Plan.

Work with individual learners to assist them in the collection of evidence and construction of portfolios as set out by the Course Tutor.

Develop and support the “team approach” by assisting with the co-ordination of our schemes, updating programmes, policies and procedures.

Meet with management, ESFA staff, Ofsted Inspectors and External Quality Assurers as and when required.

Attend Programme Review Team, Staff, Occupational and Organisations Meetings as and when required.

Record all accidents and inform the Quality and Business Improvement Manager immediately.

Essential Experience

Vocational experience/qualifications relating to occupational area for position

Experience of supervising in a workplace environment

Experience of working with 16-24 age group

Experience in using word processing and spreadsheet software

Experience of working effectively on own initiative and organising own workload to meet deadlines

Knowledge of qualification framework for post 16

Experience of using e-portfolio systems

Car owner/driver for use in respect of business use

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £25,000.00 to £27,000.00 /year

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